7/16 Westminster, CA – Car Crash Leads to Injuries on I-405 Near Valley View St

Santa Ana, CA – Injuries Reported following Hit-and-Run Crash at 15-S & Main St

Santa Ana, CA (January 15, 2022) – On Saturday, January 14, a hit-and-run crash was reported in Santa Ana that resulted in injuries.

According to California Highway Patrol, the accident occurred on the 15-S Freeway near Main Street. The accident happened when a vehicle merged into the same space as another vehicle causing a collision. The driver that caused the crash did not stop at the accident scene but fled without stopping to check on the other driver. There is no indication at this time as to whether the police have apprehended the suspect or are still searching for them.

Emergency personnel was immediately called. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes and tended to the injured parties. The vehicle that was hit sustained significant damage as a result of the collision. Officials report that injuries were sustained in the accident, however, there is no information at this time as to the extent of the injuries or the number of people injured in the accident.

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash. The area had lane closures for some time to allow police to investigate and clear the accident.

Our thoughts are with the victim injured in this accident. We hope for their full recovery.

Hit-and-Run Accidents in California

Hundreds of accidents happen every day in California at all times throughout the day. During the daytime commute, when the volume of vehicles on the roads is very high, your chances of being in an accident are much greater. However, in the evenings and overnight, don’t let you’re your guard down. Accidents still happen frequently during these times of the night, as the other drivers on the road may be more likely to be engaging in especially risky behaviors, like driving and driving.

California law requires that when there is an accident, the parties involved must pull off the road and exchange information with the other parties at the scene. California is seeing an increase in the number of drivers who are blatantly disregarding the law by fleeing from accident scenes. There are many reasons a driver may flee an accident. Oftentimes, they have broken the law in other ways, for example, by driving impaired, driving with a suspended license, or not having insurance. Failing to stop at the scene of an accident is punishable as either a misdemeanor or felony offense, depending on the severity of the circumstances.

Being in a car accident can be a very stressful event. The stress doesn’t go away after the accident is over. When the other driver doesn’t stop and exchange information with you, it makes the situation that much more difficult and anxiety-provoking. It also makes receiving compensation for your damages more difficult. If you’ve suffered injuries, you may worry about how you will pay for your medical care and expenses and how you will support yourself if your injuries are severe and you can’t work for some time. Victims of hit-and-run accidents are still entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, even if the at-fault other driver leaves the scene and isn’t ultimately apprehended. This coverage is under California’s uninsured motorist coverage (UM), which each driver has under their own insurance policy. The victim in this situation would file a personal injury claim with their own insurance company. However, it is not a straightforward claim, and the insurance company may still give you the run-around. You will still need the assistance of a car accident attorney who can advise and assist you on the matter.

If you were injured in a hit-and-run accident, you should speak to an experienced car accident lawyer right away, who will walk you through the process of submitting a claim for compensation. Contact a Santa Ana car accident attorney by calling (888) 539-3154 to see how we can help you.

Note: This post was created through the use of secondary sources such as state and local news sources, police accident reports, social media platforms, and eyewitness accounts about serious injury accidents that take place in Orange County. The facts surrounding this accident have not been independently verified, therefore, if any information is incorrect, please contact Russell & Lazarus APC, Personal Injury Lawyer, so we can update the post with the most accurate information available. We will remove this post upon request. 

Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation for business. None of the information in this post is intended to be medical or legal advice. The photo used in this post was not taken at the actual accident scene.

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