A $2.5 Million Settlement

Last month, Fenja settled an automobile collision case for $2.5 million.


The matter was seemingly simple.  A big rig rear-end an automobile harming an older couple, husband and wife, and pushed their vehicle into the rear of a third vehicle.  The primary injuries to our 65-year grandmother were to her neck and back, both of which required surgery.  The defendant put up the same fuss we typically see from defendants and alleged not only did our client hit the car in front of her first but also that all of her medical issues were pre-existing, and she would have had the surgeries regardless of the collision.


Even though she was the one who drove her husband to the ER the day following the collision, forgoing her own ER checkup, she was the one with the more severe injuries of the two.  Shell Oil was the defendant as their employee was driving their vehicle at the time. Hence, there was no limitation of a small insurance policy in this case.


Four years of litigation later and $200,000 in costs spent in prosecuting the claim and debunking their allegations, with the best offer being $150,000, Fenja wrestled the billion-dollar oil company to the mat and secured the $2.5 million settlement at mediation three days before the trial was to start.   Our deserving client was ecstatic!  Although no one would willingly sell their good health to someone for a chance at a settlement, ideally, all defendants would be the Shell Oil Companies of the world, because then all seriously injured people would be getting fairly compensated.


We are very happy for our client, and even happier that it was our secret sauce of “girl power” which brought the bully to its knees.

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