OC Dog Bite Attorney: Preventing Dog Bite Bacteria

This week, we added an article to our library about the danger of infection after a dog bite. Bacteria in a dog’s saliva can colonize in your wound and spread throughout your body. What can you do to prevent this frightening dog bite complication and recover from your dog attack as quickly and fully as possible?

  • Clean your surface injuries thoroughly. If your dog bite is minor—that is, if it does not puncture or break your skin—you may be able to clean your wound yourself. Be sure to clean the injury immediately by flushing the area and then washing it with an antibacterial solution. Pat dry and apply a sterile gauze padding.
  • Go to the doctor for ANY puncture wounds or deep lacerations. Puncture wounds are perfect for trapping bacteria in the skin and causing infection. Do not attempt to clean these injuries without the help of a medial professional. You also may need a prescription for oral antibiotics.
  • Be aware of the danger of tetanus and rabies infections. Speak with your doctor about the dangers of these two very dangerous health conditions. Your doctor can tell you if you need a tetanus shot, while the status of the dog that bit you will affect whether you will need preventative treatment for rabies.
  • Looks for signs of infection. Even if you’ve been treated by a doctor, be vigilant in looking for signs of infection, including heat, redness, and swelling around the bite site.

The bottom line? When in doubt about the state of your dog bite wound, see a doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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