What Happens after You Call: Your Guide to Contacting a Newport Beach Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a family member was injured in an Orange County accident, you are probably facing many confusing choices, and you may be having trouble figuring out who to trust and what happens next. Although it’s normal to feel some fear and anxiety when facing a potential personal injury lawsuit, don’t let that fear keep you from reaching out to a Newport Beach personal injury attorney who can address your fears and act as your ally throughout the entire legal process.

What to Expect when Reaching Out to an Attorney after an Orange County Accident

If fear has been keeping you from picking up the phone and getting answers to your questions, we’re here to ease those fears and assure you that we understand the pressures you are facing. When you speak with us for the first time, you can expect us to be compassionate and professional. We will make introductions and:

  • Ask questions about your injuries and the events surrounding the accident
  • Listen carefully to what you have to say
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Determine whether or not you have a case
  • Explain your rights and how to protect yourself
  • Offer more information about how much you can expect to recover
  • Explain your options for taking action
  • Immediately get to work investigating your case and gathering evidence

Even if you do not ultimately decide to hire an attorney for your case, an initial case review with an experienced accident attorney in Orange County can go a long way toward answering your most pressing questions and easing your fears about the future—all with no obligation or cost to you.

At Russell & Lazarus, we understand that facing the aftermath of a serious auto accident is terrifying, and we are dedicated to being trustworthy allies for accident victims and their families. Get started today by contacting a Newport Beach personal injury attorney at 1-(949) 851-0222 for a free case review.

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