It Is Possible to Settle an Orange County Slip-and-Fall Claim without an Attorney

Think you need an attorney to successfully navigate an Orange County slip-and-fall claim? While you should always seek legal advice if your injuries were severe or pose long-term health problems, not every slip-and-fall case necessarily requires a personal injury attorney’s skills. If the injuries you sustained in an Orange County slip-and-fall accident were relatively minor or uncomplicated, there is a good chance that you could successfully negotiate a personal injury lawsuit settlement on your own. If you’re unsure, please feel free to reach out to an experienced Newport Beach personal injury attorney with Russell & Lazarus—we’d be happy to go over your options in a free legal consultation. But, if you’re interested in pursuing a claim on your own, here are some tips for doing it right:

  • Take care of yourself and your injuries. Caring for your injuries should be first priority, so you should see a doctor immediately and follow your doctor’s orders for recovery. Having this documentation can be essential to a successful settlement, so make sure you’re keeping great records, too.
  • Don’t let evidence disappear. If you aren’t careful, or if you wait too long, it may be impossible to gather the information you need. As soon as you are able, get witness information, security tapes, incident reports, pictures of the area, pictures of your injuries, etc.
  • Communicate in writing whenever possible. If possible, conduct all of your communication in writing. This helps you better document the communication and allows you to review the information without the pressure of an in-person meeting or phone call.
  • Know what your injuries are worth. The first step to a successful personal injury lawsuit settlement is knowing what your case if really worth—and having the documentation to prove it.
  • Don’t accept the insurance company’s first offer if it doesn’t cover your needs. Most of the time, the first offer will be favorable for the insurance company—not for you. Make sure you only accept a settlement that covers the true cost of your injuries.

Keep in mind that, although many injured victims have successfully settled without legal help, most Orange County slip-and-fall victims benefit from legal counsel and are able to secure larger settlements than they could on their own.

If you sustained a slip-and-fall injury in Orange County and aren’t sure if you need a lawyer to assist with your case, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Newport Beach personal injury attorney. Give us a call today at (949) 851-0222, or simply fill out the confidential online contact form on this page for more information.

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