Strategies Used by the Defendant’s Lawyer During a Deposition

Newport Beach Accident Injury Lawyer

Depositions are a standard part of injury accident claims. A Newport Beach accident injury lawyer can help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for giving testimony.

The Goal of a Defense Attorney During Your Deposition

The attorney representing the defendant will undoubtedly schedule the accident victim’s deposition before the case goes to trial. During the deposition, the defense lawyer hopes to get the victim pinned down to as much of their story as possible. They want to know how strong your case is. The more a defense attorney can get a victim to talk, the more likely he/she will say something detrimental to their own case.

Things to Keep in Mind When Giving Testimony

Before giving deposition testimony, your Newport Beach accident injury attorney can counsel you on certain dos and don’ts during the process.


  • Give truthful answers. Lies and inconsistencies can torpedo your case before it starts;
  • Be courteous and respectful when answering questions; and
  • Let your lawyer handle any objections with the other attorney.


  • Don’t forget that the defense attorney works for the insurance company, not you. He may try to “kill you with kindness;”
  • Don’t volunteer information that wasn’t asked of you; and
  • Don’t engage in speculation, even if the defense attorney tries to goad you into it.

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