Common Injuries Resulting From an Orange County Motorcycle Accident

Living in Orange County means great weather year round. There is no better way to experience the great weather than on a motorcycle. Cruising down the beautiful coastline on PCH is the ultimate freedom and stress releaser.

Riding on a motorcycle also means the dangers of competing with passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles often show little respect for motorcycle riders. Because of this, the vehicles are often the cause of Orange County motorcycle accidents.

The injuries that result from a motorcycle accident can be very dangerous often resulting in long term complications. Orange County motorcycle accident injuries are usually much worse than those of a passenger vehicle due to motorcycles providing little protection against a crash.

Some of the common injuries that are associated with a motorcycle accident in Orange County are:

  • Head injury – When crashing on a motorcycle, the rider becomes very vulnerable to large, heavy or solid objects. When the rider’s head comes into contact with these objects during a crash it can create serious head trauma.
  • Road rash – A road rash is a cut or scrape that is caused from the body coming into contact with the pavement during a motorcycle accident. Because nearly all motorcycle accidents end with the rider on the pavement, road rash is very common.
  • Broken bones – Impact with the pavement, vehicles or other objects often times causes broken bones. Broken bones associated with motorcycle accidents often times need surgery or casting.
  • Neck injury – The impact of falling from a motorcycle or coming into contact with an object can cause a severe neck injury.

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent passenger vehicle drivers on the road. As a victim, you need to hold these negligent drivers accountable for their actions. To get the compensation you deserve, contact an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney at Russell & Lazarus. Call (949) 851-0222 to discuss your legal options.

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