100-Year-Old Driver Injures 14 Pedestrians in South Los Angeles

A one-hundred-year-old man struck and injured 14 pedestrians at an intersection in South Los Angeles on August 20, causing many residents and officials once again to confront the issue of the elderly behind the wheel.

According to local news sources, senior Preston Carter was driving near an elementary school when he backed his car into a group of children and adults who were waiting to cross the street. Eleven of the 14 injured pedestrians were children who attend Main Street Elementary School. Two of the car accident victims remained in the hospital after the collision.

Carter, who does not have a history of traffic violations and who has a valid California driver’s license, told police that the brakes on his Cadillac failed in the moments before the pedestrian accident. The Los Angeles Police Department stated that the accident was under investigation, which would include an examination of Preston’s vehicle and eyewitness accounts.

Cater’s 78-year-old daughter, Ella Fleming, told reporters that her father would stop driving following the accident and give his car to family members. She apologized for the crash and stated that she was thankful no one died in the accident.

The crash has rekindled a debate across the country regarding whether an age limit should be placed on drivers, or if the elderly should face more requirements as they renew their license over the years. However, statistics show that teens, not seniors remain the most dangerous drivers on the road.

The Orange County car accident lawyers at Russell & Lazarus send their wishes for a quick recovery to all of those injured in this accident.

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