Why Are Orange County Commercial Vehicle Accidents So Complicated?

Although we often have talked about Orange County tractor-trailer wrecks, a recent news item about a pedestrian hit by a taxi is a sad reminder that commercial vehicle accidents don’t happen only on the highway. While tractor-trailer wrecks often receive the most attention, all commercial vehicle wrecks—including collisions with taxis, delivery vans, construction vehicles, etc.—can be complicated for an injured victim. Why Are Orange County Commercial Vehicle Accidents So Complicated? A wreck with a commercial vehicle can become complicated for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • It might be difficult to determine who is responsible. If you have been hit by a commercial vehicle, it may not be clear who can be held responsible for your injuries. Possible responsible parties might include the commercial driver, the company that employed the driver, the vehicle manufacturer, the person responsible for loading or maintenance of the vehicle, etc.
  • Your injuries may be very severe. Many commercial vehicles are much larger and heavier than a typical passenger vehicle, which means pedestrians and other drivers can suffer severe injuries, long recovery times, and chronic or disabling conditions after a wreck. Unfortunately, insurance companies for commercial drivers and their employers often are represented by a highly-experienced team that wants to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.

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