What is a good settlement offer after a Riverside truck accident injury?

One question that the OC truck accident attorneys in our office are asked on a regular basis is, “What is a good settlement offer after a truck accident?”

As you can imagine, the answer depends on a lot of different factors. While we can never give you a definite number on exactly what it should be, there is a common-sense approach to ensuring that your settlement offer is fair.

Any settlement offer made after a serious Orange County truck accident injury should cover the following:

  • Medical bills. The offer should compensate you for all medical bills related to the accident. This includes the bills for the ambulance or life-flight ride, emergency room visit, hospital stay, follow-up doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, surgeries and rehabilitation in a nursing home or in-patient facility, as well as any resulting home care that may be needed.
  • Lost wages. Any time you are forced to miss work because of an accident that was someone else’s fault, that “missed pay” should be factored into the settlement offer—even if you had sick time available and were paid for your time off.
  • Future medical costs. Your doctors and surgeons can help you determine if you will need additional medical care down the road as a result of the accident, as well as how much it will cost. Make sure that the insurance company is aware of this fact before they make you an offer for settlement.

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