Orange County Reels from Spate of Hit-and-Run Car Accidents

Both Orange County residents and officials are concerned after a two-month rash of hit-and-run traffic accidents which began in early November. The cluster of pedestrian and bicycle accidents has injured or killed almost a dozen people, while local police have located only a few of the suspects involved. In the most recent pedestrian accident, 51-year-old Jacki Wray was struck and killed by a vehicle in a Los Alamitos intersection. According to local police, the woman was crossing near Katella Avenue and Reagan Street just before one in the morning when she was struck by a Toyota Camry. Wray was rushed to Long Beach Memorial Hospital, though she died of her injuries hours later. The driver of the car cooperated with police. But, while the driver in this instance is known, as many as eight other drivers in recent pedestrian accidents have not stopped to help their victims and have not been located by police. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, 912 people were killed or seriously injured in hit-and-run traffic accidents in 2010—a number which has been dropping steadily in recent years. Statistics for 2012 will not be available for some time. Orange County authorities say that although there has been a cluster of pedestrian accidents, overall yearly numbers for the accidents do not seem to be significantly rising. If you have any information on any of the recent Orange County pedestrian accidents or hit-and-run accidents, please call the Ahaheim Police at 714-765-1834 or your local authorities.

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