Can the Color of Your Motorcycle Prevent Accidents?

This week, we discussed four different ways you can make your motorcycle more visible to other drivers on the road to decrease your chances of a collision and injury. One of the single best ways you can increase your visibility while on a bike is to choose a bright, reflective paint color for your motorcycle, and brightly-colored safety accessories for you and your passenger.

Evidence that Bike Colors Reduce Collisions and Injuries

The famous 1981 Hurt Study found that brightly color bodywork on the front of the motorcycle, including a conspicuously colored fairing, significantly decreased the chances of being involved in a crash caused by another vehicle’s right-of-way violation. In 2009, a study published in the British Medical Journal found that wearing a brightly colored helmet and reflective clothing can reduce your crash risk by 33%.

The Best Colors for Motorcycle Accident Prevention

What colors are the best for making a motorcycle, helmet, and clothing more visible? Safety experts suggest that you take inspiration from school buses, construction sites, and emergency vehicles: bright oranges, yellows, reds, and greens are the most striking.

If you aren’t particularly into neon shades, bright white bikes and clothing is much more effective than wearing all black and riding a darkly-colored bike. The British discussed study above found that any fluorescent color reduced crash injuries by 37 percent, while simply donning a white helmet reduced the risk of injury by 24 percent.

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