Four Motorcycle Safety Myths Which Could Help You Prevent a California Motorcycle Accident

Where do you get your motorcycle safety information? Is it from an official source, like a highway and traffic organization, or it is from your buddies who also ride? While there is a lot of good, life-saving information circulating among bikers, there also are several motorcycle safety myths floating around which actually could increase your chances of an accident or serious injury. Let’s look at four popular myths which need to be busted:

Myth #1: Wearing a helmet decreases your ability to see and hear road hazards.

This popular myth simply isn’t backed up by facts. Although it may take some time to get used to wearing a motorcycle helmet, they do not significantly diminish your ability to navigate the road. In fact, bikers who wear helmets crash less often than those who ride without protection. In addition, helmets provide eye protection which can make it easier to see when riding.

Myth #2: You should lay down your motorcycle if you can’t avoid a crash.

This may have been the case decades ago when motorcycle handling and brakes were not as good as they are today. On newer bikes, it is almost always better to carefully brake and maneuver your bike away from a collision as best as you can, rather than laying down your bike and sliding toward the object. Laying down your bike doesn’t prevent a crash, but actually can lead to more serious injuries.

Myth #3: Splitting lanes is dangerous and illegal. 

Splitting lanes is legal in California, and the little research done on lane splitting has found that it does not increase your chances of an accident. In fact, lane splitting in heavy traffic situations may actually decrease your chance of an accident. If someone tells you that splitting lanes is dangerous, ask to see the evidence.

Myth #4: The interstate or freeway is a dangerous place for me to ride.

Freeways and interstates may seem more dangerous because of high speeds, but in fact they often lack the most dangerous conditions for motorcycles. Traffic travels in one direction, no one makes left-hand turns, and pavement often is in great condition. You are more likely to suffer a collision on rural roads or city streets.

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