Going Back to Work after an Orange County Motorcycle Accident

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after an Orange County motorcycle accident is going back to work too soon. Maybe you were involved in a wreck on your commute and felt pressured to make it to work anyway, putting off medical attention until later. Or maybe you took a few days off before dragging yourself into the office against your doctor’s advice. Either way, you should realize that going back to work too soon after an injury can mean harming your health and harming your chances to recover the compensation you need.

Going Back to Work Too Soon Can Cause Further Injury

If you try to go back to work too soon, or if you decide to skip medical treatment and head back to work immediately, you run the risk of causing further injury, making your existing injuries worse, or letting a serious, unseen injury go untreated. Instead, it is recommended that you seek medical treatment and follow your doctor’s advice about when it is safe to return to work and what job duties you can safely perform.

If You Go Back to Work Too Soon, the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Could Use It against You

Even if you are struggling to get through the day due to limitation and pain from your injuries, the fact that you are at work at all could be used against you later. Unfortunately, insurance companies will work hard to minimize your claims of injury, and going back to work too soon could be used as evidence that your injuries are not serious and do not limit your ability to perform daily activities.

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