Three MORE Motorcycle Safety Myths Debunked by an Injury Attorney

You may have heard these from a friend, a relative, or someone in your motorcycle club: a motorcycle safety myth which has no basis on fact and no supporting research. These dangerous myths are meant to be helpful and prevent motorcycle accidents, but can, in fact, lead to serious consequences and dangerous decisions. In our last library article, we shared the four most common motorcycle safety myths. Here are three more we hear far too often:

Myth #5: Loud exhaust systems prevent accidents. 

It’s easy to see the reasoning behind this myth: the louder your pipes, the more likely other vehicles will be to hear you coming. However, the research shows the opposite effect: bikes with modified muffler systems crash more often than quieter bikes. Perhaps this is because the noise of the bike makes it hard for riders to hear approaching hazards.

Myth #6: Wearing a motorcycle helmet increases your chances of a neck injury. 

Again, it is easy to imagine how this myth originated: putting a big, heavy piece of plastic on your head could put more pressure on your neck in the event of a collision. But, the studies tell a different story: wearing a motorcycle helmet approved by the Department of Transportation significantly reduces your chance of suffering a neck injury in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Myth #7: It’s okay to drink a couple of beers before riding. 

Nope. Studies show that even motorcycle riders who consume only one beer often have difficulty riding a motorcycle, and that motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer an accident if they have any alcohol in their blood. The reason? Motorcycles require more coordination, concentration, and balance to maneuver safely than other vehicles.

If you have been involved in an Orange County motorcycle accident, speak with a California personal injury attorney about your crash and whether you may deserve compensation. Call Russell & Lazarus today for a free, confidential consultation: (949) 851-0222.

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