Why Do Drivers Cut Off Orange County Motorcyclists?

Although a lot of steps in have been taken in California to educate drivers and encourage everyone to watch for motorcycles on the road, many drivers still drive distracted, don’t check for motorcycles sharing the road, or engage in other unsafe driving behaviors that lead to a motorcyclist getting hurt—or even killed. Impatient and unaware drivers who cut off or pull out in front of motorcycles often cause serious accidents, whether they actually realize it or not.

These kinds of accidents happen for many reasons, but drivers in Orange County usually end up cutting off motorcyclists because they are:

  • Distracted. Some drivers pull out in front of your bike because they’re simply not paying attention behind the wheel.
  • Aggressive. Drivers who are angry or don’t understand the law may try to block you when sharing a line or cut you off during a lane change.
  • Impatient. The driver may try to squeeze into a hole in traffic or attempt to dart through an intersection in front of you.
  • Uneducated. Some drivers simply don’t know how to share the road with motorcyclists. They may not allow enough room or change lanes too suddenly.
  • Intoxicated. Some drivers still choose to drive drunk or drugged, and they may be weaving between lanes or prone to poor judgment.

If you were injured in an Orange County motorcycle accident after a driver cut you off, our experienced Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys may be able to help. Give us a quick call at 1-(949) 851-0222 to find out more.

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