Settlement of Personal Injury Cases

Newport Injury AttorneyIf you’ve sustained injuries in an accident, dealing with an insurance company will likely be inevitable. A Newport injury lawyer can help you understand how different companies tend to deal with claims.

3 Stages of a Personal Injury Case

There are three common stages to a personal injury case: investigation, negotiation, and litigation. While in many cases there is overlap of these stages, often cases can be resolved without litigation. Here is what you can expect at each stage during the process according to a Newport Injury Attorney.

A Newport Injury Attorney Discusses Issues in Dealing With Large Conservative Insurance Companies

If your injury claim is covered by one of the larger, more nationally known insurance companies, your Newport Beach injury attorney will explain how these companies tend to be conservative in their approach to settling claims. While processing your claim, expect the adjuster to have numerous requests for documentation and support of your injuries. Adjusters at larger companies take these requests seriously. Expect the adjuster to examine each document you provide. The more objective, indisputable evidence of an injury you can provide, the better chances of settlement. Subjective pain and suffering claims do not generally garner settlement offers.

A Newport Beach Injury Explains Differences That May Be Present With Lower Profile Insurance Companies

As your Newport injury lawyer will explain, smaller insurance companies may be more reasonable. However, since they take fewer premium dollars, expect them to also take a conservative approach to settlement. Your attorney can discuss signs and signals that might point to an impending settlement offer and can advise you fully.

A Newport injury attorney at Russell & Lazarus APC will carefully analyze your case and help you make informed decisions about how to deal with it. Call 949-851-0222 to set up an appointment.

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