Factors That Influence the Potential Settlement Value of a Personal Injury Claim

Most injury claimants want to know what their accident case might be worth in terms of potential settlement. A Newport Beach personal injury lawyer can explain the factors an insurance company will consider.

Newport Beach personal injury lawyer

Major Case Valuation Factors

Putting a dollar value on an injury claim is not an exact science. Every case is different, and none is perfect. As a Newport Beach personal injury attorney can discuss, every claimant will have aspects to their case that may help it or hurt it. Additionally, there’s no guarantee what an insurance company will offer if at all. Some of the major factors the insurance adjuster will weigh include:

  • Relevant Law – Depending on the type of accident, your case may be tougher or easier to prove;
  • Length of Time Since the Accident – Sometimes, juries have a tougher time awarding large figures to claimants when the accident occurred many years in the past and the injury has since healed; and
  • Extent of the Injury – Although it’s tough to value pain and suffering, generally the more significant the injury, the higher the settlement potential.

Even if settlement is reached, your attorney can discuss how much of that will go to you minus any medical bills and/or costs of litigation.

At Russell & Lazarus APC, you can speak to a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer who can help you better understand how your injury case might be valued. Call 949-851-0222 to set up a consultation.

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