Factors That May Impact the Value of a Wrongful Death Settlment

Dealing with a wrongful death claim for a loved one is an understandably stressful time. When dealing with an insurance company, an Orange County injury lawyer can explain factors the adjuster uses when placing a settlement value on the life of the victim. Orange County injury lawyer

An Orange County Injury Lawyer Discusses Issues Involving Life Expectancy
An insurance company relies, in part, on actuarial tables that estimate life expectancy of the wrongful death victim. As an Orange County injury attorney can explain, adjusters look at the expected wage earning years left in the decedent’s life. For very young and very old victims, the insurance company will likely place a lower dollar value on their expected working life.

An Orange County Injury Attorney Discusses Benefits for the Surviving Spouse
In a wrongful death claim, survivor’s benefits may also be available for the spouse of the victim. As your Orange County injury lawyer will explain, adjuster’s look at whether the spouse was legally married to the victim. Some states recognize “common law” marriages depending on the length of time a couple lived together and other factors. A few states also recognize same-sex marriages. If a spouse is not a legal spouse, this will likely prevent a successful claim for survivor’s benefits for their partner.

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