Medical Expenses and an Injury Settlement Offer

When working with an experienced Newport Beach personal injury law office like Russell & Lazarus, your attorney will help put together a comprehensive settlement package. Here’s how you can help.Newport Beach personal injury law office

The Importance of Including All Medical Expenses

When your Newport Beach personal injury lawyer meets with you to discuss your case, part of the initial strategy may involve coming up with a settlement offer to submit to the insurance company. Your lawyer will discuss all the factors that go into coming up with a figure, but the settlement package itself must take into consideration all of your past, current and expected medical expenses relating to the injury. It’s important to make sure any settlement offer accounts for the true cost of your injury.

Doing Your Homework Regarding Medical Expenses

Before submitting a demand package to the insurance company, your attorney will submit a report or expense sheet reflecting all of your past and current medical expenses. It’s important that you cross check it with your records to make sure nothing is missed. Additionally, your attorney will contact your medical providers to ensure that all bills have been submitted and are thus included in the settlement figure. Once the projected medical expenses are accurate, your attorney can make a settlement demand.

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