Understanding How an Insurance Company Values a Personal Injury Case

Many factors go into how insurance companies place a value on an individual injury claim. A Newport Beach CA personal injury attorney can help you understand what to expect.Newport Beach CA personal injury attorney

A Newport Beach CA Personal Injury Attorney Looks at the Value of Your Injury

Although it may seem callous to think of your injury in terms of dollars and cents, that is exactly what an insurance company does when you file a claim. As a Newport Beach CA personal injury attorney can explain, insurance adjusters review the amount paid for medical bills and continuing treatment. They also take into account other economic factors such as lost wages. Once they’ve established the dollar value of your medical and lost wage claim, the adjuster estimates your injury’s value.

A Newport Beach CA Personal Injury Attorney Explains Other Valuation Factors

Adjusters also value a case based on whether you contributed to the accident or had a preexisting condition that caused your injury instead. If so, as your Newport Beach CA personal injury attorney will discuss, this can undercut the value of your claim. Adjusters may set aside a reserve amount for our potential case value. This amount may change as the adjuster investigates your claim.

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

If you have become the victim of an accident which wasn’t your fault, then you could have suffered some form of loss. This could mean medical expense, time out from work and pain and suffering. What is all of that worth? You should discuss the merits of your case with an experienced Newport Beach CA personal injury attorney to find out what a settlement could look like.

A Newport Beach CA personal injury attorney at the law firm of Russell & Lazarus can review your case and give you a realistic understanding of its potential value. Call 949-851-0222 to set up an initial consultation.

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