Understanding the Process of Settlement Negotiations

When you hire a Newport Beach personal injury law firm to negotiate your injury claim, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of dealing with the insurance company. Your attorney can explain the settlement process and explain any delays.Newport Beach personal injury law firm

What to Expect During Settlement Negotiations

Your Newport Beach personal injury law firm will work with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. You may wonder how long it will take your case to settle once your lawyer makes a settlement demand. The timing of settlement will vary on a variety of factors. Settlement can take weeks, months or even longer. Your Newport Beach personal injury lawyer can explain the factors that go into the insurance company’s decision to settle or not.

Factors That Impact Settlement

Your Newport Beach personal injury lawyer cannot guarantee your case will settle. He/she can discuss a variety of factors that influence the insurance company’s decision such as:

  • How well you documented your injuries;
  • Company policy;
  • Adjuster’s case load;
  • Questions about who was at fault for your injuries;
  • Economic factors;
  • Reasonableness of your demands; and
  • Various other factors, such as the time of year.

Your Newport Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Can Explain More.

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