What the Insurance Company May Try to Use against You after a California Sidewalk Fall

A trip-and-fall accident on an uneven or crumbling sidewalk can lead to very serious injuries for victims, and sometimes these injuries are life-threatening or disabling. Most Orange County sidewalk falls involve falling onto hard concrete pavement, and surprised victims are often unable to react quickly enough to catch themselves and prevent injuries.

If you were injured after falling on a sidewalk in Orange County, you may be surprised to learn that pursuing compensation for your injuries isn’t as easy as it should be. Unfortunately, whether a local government entity or another property owner is responsible for the stretch of sidewalk where you fell, victims are often faced with an even more difficult road ahead of them.

How Insurance Companies Try to Blame You for a California Sidewalk Fall

Victims have a difficult time proving that the condition of the sidewalk posed a danger and was directly responsible for their injuries. As an additional worry, the insurance company may actively try to minimize the legitimacy of your injury claim by:

  • Minimizing the severity of the sidewalk defect
  • Pointing to your history of prior falls, if any
  • Blaming the type of shoe you were wearing or the condition of your shoes
  • Claiming you weren’t watching where you were going due to distractions in the area

Additionally, depending on the city in which you fell and the circumstances, the liability for your injuries may rest on the city, a private property owner, or another party.

How to Get Help with Complicated Decisions after a California Sidewalk Fall

If you have been injured after falling on a sidewalk in Orange County, our OC personal injury attorneys would be happy to provide direction and discuss your options in a completely free and confidential initial consultation. To meet with us, please call Russell & Lazarus at 1-(949) 851-0222, or fill out the easy online contact form on this page.

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