3 Ways Supermarkets Should Protect Customers from Accidents & Injury

When you go to the grocery store, you don’t expect to suffer an accident and injury. In fact, you trust the store’s owner to have taken a reasonable amount of care to keep all customers safe from harm. Unfortunately, supermarket negligence leads to a number of serious shopper injuries each year across California.

What steps should all supermarkets take to keep their customers protected from accidents and injuries?

  • Keep floors free of dangerous substances. Food and liquids spill. Rain and mud get tracked into the front entrance. Mops leave behind slippery surfaces. Stores should be well aware of all of these issues and either keep their floors clean or warn customers of the issue.
  • Warn customers of hazards. If there is a dangerous substance or spill which cannot be cleaned up immediately, the store should place a sign or warning near the area letting customers know about the issue.
  • Respond to complaints and past injuries. If customers complain about a dangerous feature in the store or on the property, or if a customer has been injured at the store in the past, the owner of the store should take reasonable steps to investigate the issue and fix the problem, if necessary.

If you have been injured in a California slip and fall accident at a local grocery store or supermarket, it is vital that you understand who was at fault for the accident. A California personal injury lawyer can help you understand how your fall occurred and whether your injury should have been prevented. Call Russell & Lazarus today to schedule a free appointment with an experienced lawyer: 800-268-9228.

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