Red lights are in place to prevent accidents, but intersections with traffic lights still remain the site of an extremely large portion of traffic collisions in California and across the country. What can you do to reduce your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident at a stop light?

Be aware, even if you have the right-of-way.

Far too many drivers assume that since they have a green light, they don’t need to look for oncoming cars or worry about other drivers. Even when you have the right-of-way, glance to your left and right when driving through an intersection.

Watch for pedestrians and cyclists.

Intersections are the place where pedestrians literally share the street with cars—a situation which can be extremely dangerous. Watch out for pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road, and be aware that not all pedestrians will cross only when they have a WALK signal.

Make left turns with care.

The most common type of accident at a lighted intersection is a left-turn accident. When making a turn, look carefully and give yourself plenty of room. When others are turning, be aware that not everyone uses their turn signals.

Slow down when approaching intersections.

Don’t wait to slam on your brakes when the green light turns yellow; be prepared to stop as soon as you approach an intersection. Many rear-end accidents occur when cars drive too fast as they approach a traffic light.

Unfortunately, intersections can be the site of some of the most serious accidents because they can lead to head-on crashes and t-bone crashes. Driving safely through an intersection can significantly reduce your chance of a life-changing crash.

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