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That’s something you may want to know the first time you visit a Newport Beach personal injury law firm. Well, it’s impossible for any Newport Beach personal injury attorney to answer that and predict the future because so many factors go into the case before a date for a trial is set.

Factors That Impact Your Trial Date

Before a date is selected, the number of cases already on the docket in your county or area will impact your date. In addition, the number of judges in your jurisdiction affects how fast those cases are scheduled. Your Newport Beach personal injury law firm will work to finish discovery, interrogatories and depositions, but both sides need to complete these items before the case can move forward. In some areas a criminal case will have scheduling priority over a personal injury case. Finally, even whether your Newport Beach personal injury law firm has other trials pending will also be considered.

Your lawyer can give you an estimated date based on all of those variables, but it’s important to note that it can take under a year to several years depending on your specific situation.

The good news is that it won’t be a surprise. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare and be notified in advance of your trial dates, but be prepared for delays or rescheduling. You need to be flexible and understand that all the factors listed and more go in to the schedule for all the parties involved.

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