Can I sue after a car accident that involved running a red light?

Yes, you can seek compensation for damages if you were injured in a car accident that occurred after a vehicle ran a red light.

If you were struck by another motor vehicle that ran a red light—and you can prove they were, indeed, at fault for the accident—you may have a strong personal injury case. Even if you ran the red light and broke a traffic law, you still may be able to recover some damages. California is a comparative negligence state, meaning, we understand that more than one party can be at fault for an accident. As long as you weren’t 100 percent responsible for the accident, you may have a case. Talk to an experienced Orange County car accident attorney about your specific case details.

Were the traffic rules followed?

For example, if you ran a red light and struck a vehicle, you should investigate whether the other vehicle was following all traffic laws or whether the driver was speeding, driving under the influence, or driving recklessly. If you were 25 percent at fault and the other driver was 75 percent at fault, you could recover 75 percent of your losses.

Many people wrongly assume they caused an accident, or believe they know who was at fault for an accident without looking at all of the evidence. Keep in mind that many traffic accident causes are not readily apparent even to those who were involved in the crash.

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