Distracted Driving Activities

Even though using a mobile device without a headset and text messaging while driving are illegal in California, many drivers still engage in these distracted driving activities. It comes as no surprise that when a driver takes his hands off the wheel, his eyes off of the road, and his mind off of the task at hand, traffic accidents can happen.

California Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney - Texting and driving

California Cell Phone and Texting Laws

California was one of the first states to enact cell phone and texting laws. Anyone driving in California—from new drivers to commercial drivers to visitors—must not use a mobile device or engage in text messaging while behind the wheel. The only exceptions to this rule are drivers who are making an emergency call, drivers of emergency vehicles, and drivers operating vehicles on private property.

If you have been involved in an Orange County car accident in which the other driver was using a mobile device while driving, he or she is likely at least partially responsible for the crash and any subsequent injuries. However, proving that the other driver was on the phone or text messaging can be challenging.

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