personal injury law firm in Newport Beach

As your personal injury law firm in Newport Beach will explain, it has become more common to use an independent medical examination, or IME, especially when the case involves soft tissue injuries like your neck or back. Here, we continue to go through process of the IME.

Your personal injury law firm in Newport Beach might ask that you meet with them right after the examination. If the suit is pending, the Newport Beach personal injury attorney might want to talk while your memory is fresh. If there is not a suit pending, your personal injury law firm in Newport Beach will call you soon after, but it may not be that same day.

After the medical report is turned in, the your attorney will look at it and compare it to any other medical reports. Your attorney will also look to be sure everything is accurate and correct on the documentation. If there are any inaccuracies your law firm will send a letter outlining any inaccuracies.

If the report is not in agreement with earlier doctor’s findings your lawyer can schedule a conference. This will be to find out whether the doctor is still of the same opinion on the important points. If your doctor changes his or her opinion based on the IME, this will require a reevaluation of your settlement position. It is important for your attorney to determine why the physician either agrees with his original findings or has changed based on the new report.

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