An important component of any personal injury claim is the amount of pain and suffering a victim may have endured. A Newport Beach personal injury lawyer can help explain issues that may arise in proving the value of pain and suffering to an insurance adjuster.

The Subjective Nature of Pain and Suffering Claims

When accident victims file claims for compensation with an insurance company, the adjuster must inevitably put a dollar value on an individual’s suffering. This is no easy task since pain is often subjective. A Newport Beach personal injury attorney can help clients understand and organize the documentation needed to present a pain and suffering claim.

Documenting Pain and Suffering

Successful injury claimants are those who can fully document their damages. The ability to provide solid medical records, receipts, bills, statements from employers and other types of documentation is crucial. To verify pain and suffering, adjusters look for evidence that’s consistent with a victim’s claims such as the use of pain medication, types of treatment and verification that a claimed injury impacted the victim’s ability to work or enjoy other aspects of their lives.

While no attorney can guarantee an individual claim will settle for a certain dollar amount or at all, a good lawyer knows how to help his/her client build a case through proper documentation.

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