Last month, an Anaheim man was riding his motorcycle on MacArthur Boulevard in Santa Ana when a car in front of him suddenly stopped. He attempted to brake and avoid a collision, sliding his bike. He was thrown from his vehicle and died of internal injuries three days later at a local hospital. At the time of the crash, police say he was driving the speed limit, was not acting recklessly, and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Although motorcycle riders have a bad reputation for speeding and reckless driving, the majority of motorcycle accidents are not caused by this behavior. In fact, what makes motorcycles more dangerous than other vehicles is simply the fact that motorbikes offer less control and fewer safety features because of their size and structure.

Even Minor Rear-End Collisions Can Be Deadly for Motorcyclists

Rear-end crashes are one example of how motorcycles can be more dangerous than larger vehicles. When two sedans are involved in a rear-end accident, the result often is not fatal; air bags are deployed, bumpers are ruined, but the drivers and passengers survive. When a car rear-ends a motorcycle, or vice versa, the results can be much more serious; when a car’s bumper strikes a motorcycle, it is likely to hit the bike’s wheel, throwing the bike off balance and sometimes even into the air. The biker is not protected by an airbag, but often is thrown from the bike. Even at relatively slow speeds, the injuries can be serious.

Orange County Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

It’s easy for an insurance company to assume that the person riding the motorcycle was at fault for the accident—perhaps because motorcyclists often are seen as risk-takers. If you have been involved in a California motorcycle accident, you should find out who was actually at fault for your crash. Most likely, the person who rear-ended you is at fault.

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