Our Riverside Personal Injury LawyerOur Riverside personal injury lawyer receives numerous questions from clients about the economic aspects of settling a case or taking it to trial. The following information might help you as you make a decision about what direction to proceed with your case.

Adjusters and the Authority to Settle a Lawsuit

The attorney for the insurance company will usually be able to provide you with settlement information although he or she might act like they do not know much about these details. In fact, opposing counsel will generally say that he or she needs to seek permission from the insurer prior to settling. However, they probably have already discussed this together and arrived at a reasonable settlement amount. Your Riverside personal injury lawyer can pose the question to the other attorney and ask what he or she would do if they were in the same situation of trying to place a value on the case. Opposing counsel should be able to provide an estimate of what they believe the case is worth. Your lawyer can then add between 50 and 100 percent to that figure, depending on the extenuating circumstances of the case. The settlement offer might increase in value as the case nears trial, but the defense team looks for ways to reduce costs, in part by settling cases or by winning trials.

The Philosophy of Settling a Case

The other law firm is not trying to befriend your Riverside personal injury lawyer and will only offer a settlement that is in their best interest. They might also consider a settlement if they think that you will win at trial. But if they think that a judge or jury will rule in their favor, then they might gamble with the odds of a trial. In smaller personal injury cases, it’s usually in your best interests to settle the case instead of fighting for a possible ruling in your favor in court. You and your attorney can weigh the value of your time, energy and emotional and physical strain with a potential win or loss in court. When these intangibles are considered, you might be better off to settle a case for $18,000 instead of winning a $20,000 award in court after two or three years.

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