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Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers

Experienced Injury Attorneys - Since 1984

Russell & Lazarus Personal Injury Attorneys represent injured victims of accidents who need help
obtaining appropriate treatment and compensation for injuries they have incurred.

For over 30 years, Chris Russell has been a pivotal ally for personal injury clients across Southern California. 14 years after passing the Bar exam and acting as the managing partner for an established personal injury law firm, Chris established his own law firm, first named the Law Offices of Christopher E. Russell and then changing to Russell & Lazarus in 2005. Chris has practiced law for 30 years in Newport Beach, and that is where the main office of Russell & Lazarus is located. In 2013 and 2014 Chris has been selected as one of the Top 12 Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys by AVVO (the premier national lawyer rating agency) and O.C. Metro, the Orange County Register's monthly magazine. The firm serves not only Orange County but also Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Sacramento County, and San Bernardino County residents. In addition, the firm routinely handles claims in Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona and Northern California.

With over $200 million in personal injury compensation recovered on behalf of our deserving clients, our firm has the skill and track record to succeed. We have personally assisted over 5,000 clients who have sought out our experienced legal services; 95% of whom have had successful outcomes. Our entire philosophy stands behind a single principle: putting our clients' interests first. Our Orange County personal injury law firm has been built on the tenets of compassion, along with working harder and smarter than the opposition. These guiding principles help us ensure that we obtain the best possible results for all of our clients.

We know first-hand how horrible it is to suffer through a serious accident as two of Chris' daughters were involved in a high speed boat collision involving a drunk driver where they both had to be airlifted to a trauma hospital. It is additionally painful knowing that an accident could have been prevented if someone had paid attention to their actions. Through the negligence of another, an accident that should not have happened occurred. And now you have to go through the unimaginable pain and difficult, long process of recovery. That is why we are here: to help defend you against the bad guys (usually in the form of insurance companies and major corporations) through our personal injury representation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple: Your job is to continue to recover and heal. It is our job to do everything else. Our opponents respect us. The insurance industry and judges respect us. Many of our current cases come from referrals of past clients. It is only natural to want to choose an Orange County personal injury law firm who has had a tremendous record of success. What is most important is that you choose a law firm who is the best fit for you, and can make sure that all of the details of your case are handled in the most professional, expeditious manner possible.

While you are suffering a debilitating injury, or the overwhelming struggle to make sense of the tragedy of losing a loved one, we concentrate on the worrying and the paperwork for you. This way, you can concentrate on the difficult work of healing physically and mentally. There is almost nothing worse than finding out that you hired a shady attorney, only to have them back out at the last minute before trial. Or, if you hired an Orange County personal injury lawyer who did not put the proper attention to detail in your case, and it gets thrown out of court. That won't happen with us. We have a rigorous process in place along with 16-plus dedicated team members who work hard to ensure that nothing in your case falls through the cracks.

There are injured people who attempt to settle auto accident claims without retaining an Orange County personal injury lawyer. On small claims, that is a viable option. However, on anything where serious injuries are involved this can be costly if you are not familiar with the intricate details and requirements involved in communicating with an insurance company. By retaining an attorney who exclusively deals with personal injury cases, you can make sure that the disastrous does not happen, and that your case reaches a positive conclusion benefiting you.

Giving back to the community in Orange County

The firm's owner, Chris Russell, has experience with nearly every type of personal injury claim imaginable. From auto collisions, product liability claims, slip trip and fall injuries, premises liability claims, animal inflicted injuries, workers compensation claims, sexual assault cases, to many, almost any other type of fact pattern where someone has been injured. Chris belongs to the American Association of Justice, the Consumer Attorneys of California, the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. He has been admitted to all California state courts, has argued in the California Court of Appeals, and has even appeared in Federal Court. He is involved in the Orange County community and gets involved with his colleagues. He shares strategies and tactics with 3,000 plus attorney colleagues across California on such topics as the best doctors, insurance company tactics, judge selection, expert witness background information, trial strategy, and much more.

Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys: High Rated Client Satisfaction

While you are going through the aftermath of an accident that has resulted in a severe injury, the last thing you need are more problems. When you don't have a qualified Orange County personal injury attorney, the accidental problems that can arise can double or even triple when you are not sure what you are doing. The law firm of Russell & Lazarus has expert attorneys on hand so that they can worry about all of the legal details - not you. That way, you can continue to spend your time in the most important phase of your journey: recovery and healing.

Many of our clients have suffered severe, life altering injuries which have required multiple surgical repairs along with a substantial amount of post surgical treatment in order to repair the damage that had been done. Here are just a few of the things our firm has been able to accomplish in its long career:

  • A severe injury impacted the life of a 35 year old painter. He lost his arm when his painting pole came in contact with 12,000 volts of electricity. We were able to help him achieve recovery with a $7,200,000 pretrial settlement.
  • In a case where a 37 year old electrician suffered severe head trauma after falling fifteen feet onto his head, we were able to help him obtain a $1,100,000 recovery.
  • When a 42 year old Army sergeant was killed in a cement truck rollover collision, he left behind a widowed wife and two small children. After a devastating wrongful death, the family had nowhere to turn. We were able to help the family obtain a recovery of $2,500,000.
  • We helped a 43 year old mother of two who sustained degloving injuries when the bus she was riding on flipped over; injuries required skin grafting and plastic surgery. This resulted in an $848,000 arbitration award.
  • After being rear ended, a 74 year old woman required successful neck surgery (we arranged the surgery since Medicare said she would have to wait 12 months) due to a neck injury. We returned a $735,000 jury verdict in Riverside after the insurance company's highest offer was $200,000.
  • We helped a 53 year old woman recover from her hip injuries in a collision which caused the death of the other driver. She was forced to go to trial because of Mercury Insurance's low ball offer. We were able to obtain a Jury Verdict of $232,000.

Why Choose Russell & Lazarus - Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys?

In addition to results, we have also been the recipients of many awards. We are distinguished AVVO Top 10 Rated Personal Injury Attorneys. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We hold Orange County Trial Association memberships and an OC Metro Top Attorney Award. We also have a past track record of high dollar results. Most importantly, we have the resources that are necessary to help you - our client - through some of the most difficult aspects of your case. We can help with advancing money if necessary, reimbursements for rental cars, other transportation needs that may arise, and making sure that you get the proper surgical services that you need. The most important thing we can do, however, is ensure that you and your family obtain fair compensation from those who are responsible for your injuries and losses.

Throughout this painful process, we are there for you. All of our team members work exceptionally hard to make sure that proper personal attention is given to every single client. We have a commitment to our clients that we will not compete with other firms. It seems like some of these other firms have an unrealistic mission to go after every possible client imaginable. The result? Some clients get lost in the shuffle and their case ultimately falls through the cracks. It is part of our mission statement, to ensure that every client receives the amount of attention that they deserve. This way, no client will go without what they need most: our full, undivided attention.

We offer free, complimentary consultations to any potential client who calls in or submits a contact form. Please be sure to call us at (855) 851-2400. We are looking forward to serving you at the ultimate legal capacity - as your exclusive Orange County personal injury lawyers.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Christopher Russell

For over 28 years Attorney Christopher Russell has represented over 5,000 clients in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties in regards to their personal injury claims. He is a highly respected and experienced attorney.

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Marc Lazarus
Lead Trial Attorney

Mr. Marc Lazarus is a pioneer in presenting his clients’ stories to jurists through the use of video technology, custom computer animation, medical education resources, and the insertion of actual medical films into his multi-media presentations.

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Daniel Tatick
Trial Attorney

Attorney Daniel Tatick was born and raised near Santa Barbara. He completed his undergraduate education at California Polytechnic State University, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Law.

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Fenja Klaus
Trial Attorney

A long-time Californian, Fenja is a 2002 graduate of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and has accomplished some impressive feats over the last decade. While working with nationally recognized and successful firms as a trial attorney and class counsel

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