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Most clients who come to us for help with a personal injury case have never needed help with legal issues before, so they don’t know what to look for in a personal injury lawyer, what to expect throughout the process, and the possible outcomes.

That’s why our team of Orange County injury lawyers focuses so heavily on communication when working with clients. We know how much is at stake for you when you are seriously injured in an accident, and that you need a trusted legal advisor to be with you throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure that you feel informed every step of the way and that you are comfortable enough to bring your concerns and questions to us.

Learn more about how Russell & Lazarus is different from other Long Beach personal injury law firms, and when you’re ready to get started, call us at (949) 851-0222 to set up a consultation.

No-Obligation Consultation and Advice

Choosing a car accident lawyer is a crucial step in your personal injury claim, and before you choose us, we want to ensure that you are completely informed of your options and that you feel confident in your choice. That’s why we offer a free case evaluation. This evaluation comes with no obligations, no pressure, and no strings attached. We believe that you need to be able to explore your options to figure out what is truly best for you.

Your consultation is your chance to lay out the facts of your case, talk to one of our attorneys directly, and get some practical advice about your next steps going forward. You get the chance to figure out if our style aligns with your needs, and we can spend some time determining whether or not you have a strong case.

When you can explore your options without feeling tied to them, you make better choices. But we feel confident that our consultation will leave you knowing that Russell & Lazarus is the law firm for you.

Prioritizing Your Comfort

Personal injury cases have a huge impact on your future and the outcome of your accident. We don’t approach each case as a number, a task to finish up quickly before moving on to the next. We are fully aware what this case represents to you and how important it is that you get the compensation you deserve.

For the best outcome, our team of top injury lawyers needs your trust. We want each and every client to feel comfortable enough to bring up any questions they have, to be truthful about every aspect of the accident and their injuries, and be forthcoming about what they want from the case and what they would consider a positive outcome.

This is why we don’t take a cold, clinical approach to our personal injury cases. We aren’t just your attorneys; we are the people you have trusted with one of the biggest challenges you’ve ever faced. We treat every client with compassion, empathy, and support—and that makes a significant difference when you’re in the midst of healing.

Keeping You in the Loop

No one wants to feel left in the dark, especially in a situation that could determine their financial future and well-being. We feel strongly that you should be informed at every step of the personal injury claim process, so we stay in regular and frequent contact with each of our clients. This is one of the primary benefits of working with a firm that is selective about its cases. Instead of chasing down your contact for updates and waiting days for an email back, you can rest easy, knowing that your Orange County car accident lawyer will be in touch with you whenever they have new information.

We believe in working with you as a team, instead of making you watch your case from the outside as a passive observer. We treat every single case as if we are headed to court. That means we need a lot of evidence and insight from you, and prompt, open communication allows us to make your case as strong as possible.

Remaining Accessible to You 

This is your case and you deserve to be involved and informed. Our team understands that you’re sure to have questions and unexpected concerns throughout the process. We don’t believe in leaving clients waiting for answers during one of the most stressful times of their lives. When you choose our team of top injury lawyers in Orange County, you’ll have easy access to your attorney. Our focus on relationship buildings means that you are free to ask us any questions you may have or bring up any concerns that are troubling you, no matter how minor you might think they are.

Remember, this is your case and we work for you! Communication is one of our top priorities, and you’re sure to see that in how we handle every aspect of your case. The outcome of your case will likely influence your financial wellbeing for years to come, determine how much time you are able to spend away from work as you heal from a serious injury, and how easily you adjust to life after your accident. We take this responsibility seriously and we are always accessible to you when you have questions or concerns.

Schedule Your Consultation Now

You may have just been involved in an accident, or perhaps you’ve already started fielding calls from the insurance company and you’re wondering if it’s too late to seek legal help. No matter where you are in your personal injury case, we are here to discuss your options with you and help you plan out your next steps. The sooner you get in touch with our Newport Beach personal injury lawyers, the sooner we can begin crafting the strongest case possible for you. Are you ready to get started? So are we. Give Russell & Lazarus a call at (949) 851-0222 or reach out to us to set up your free case evaluation.

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