Truck Accident Case Results

Helping People With Their Truck Accident Injury Claims

Read the many ways Orange County truck accident lawyers at Russell & Lazarus have successfully resolved their clients’ truck accident claims. While we can never guarantee these results for other cases, these case results will show you the importance of hiring an experienced law firm that handles only personal injury claims.

Truck Accident Case Results

Settlement Amount: $1,000,000

Date of Incident: October 2015

Orange County truck accident lawyers

The Orange County truck accident lawyers Russell & Lazarus obtained a $1 million policy limit settlement on behalf of their client, Robert De La Huerta, a 27-year-old father of one who was involved in a truck accident while on the job. The other driver rear-ended Robert, and he suffered severe injuries to his low back, requiring surgery. However, his own insurance company, Allstate, refused to offer any more than $25,000 for 2 ½ years.  Just a few weeks before arbitration, attorney Stephen Counts and the litigation team at Russell & Lazarus were successful in obtaining payment of the full $1,000,000 policy limit.

“Mr. De La Huerta’s ability to go back to work has limitations due to his physical constraints. So this settlement will enable him to re-train. It will also allow him to further his education in a new field less physically demanding,” stated attorney Counts.

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