Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be a very dangerous place for both workers and members of the general public. Accidents on a construction site are usually avoidable if certain protective measures are taken. For this reason, if you have been injured in such an accident, you would want to talk to a Newport Beach construction accident attorney to learn more about your options for recovery.

Ways You Can Be Injured at a Construction Site

Newport Beach Construction Accident LawyerThere are many different ways you may be injured on a construction site. For example, untrained workers may be handling dangerous tools. In addition, contractors may push for dangerous shortcuts in efforts to save money. A Newport Beach construction accident lawyer can help you recover in accidents involving:

  • Mishandling of tools and dangerous equipment leading to cuts, bruises, and punctures
  • Fires and explosions causing burns
  • Slip and falls leading to broken bones and fractures
  • Other dangerous conditions

How a Newport Beach Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

There are different ways to recover damages related to a construction accident. In some cases, you may need to file a lawsuit. In other cases, a Newport Beach construction accident lawyer can help you file a claim with a state or federal agency. Construction accidents can be very complex and difficult to prove. At Russell & Lazarus, we have the experience and knowledge to help you collect the damages you are entitled to.

Contact a Newport Beach Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have any questions related to a potential construction accident claim, contact a Newport Beach construction accident lawyer at Russell & Lazarus by calling (949) 851-0222, or toll free (800) 268-9228.

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