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Riding a motorcycle is an economical and convenient mode of transportation, especially with the rising gas prices and increased traffic congestion.  There is also an adrenaline addiction to riding a motorcycle, giving you a sense of speed and risk.  But the risks are high and could be life-threatening.  Motorcycles by itself offer zero protection against accidents, often leaving the rider and any passengers with severe injuries.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 4,500 fatalities and 92,000 injuries from motorcycle accidents are reported each year. In the event of an injury,  a motorcycle accident attorney at Russell & Lazarus, APC can help recover your losses.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many causes for motorcycle accidents, often due to the negligence of a driver and/or motorcyclist rider.  The most common causes include:

  • Head-on collisions – The most common cause of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. Cars more often strike a motorcycle in the front rather than the rear.
  • Left- and U-turn collisions – The most dangerous situation for motorcyclists is when a vehicle turns left or makes a U-turn while the motorcyclists was going straight through an intersection.
  • Lane splitting – During heavy or stopped traffic, motorcyclists often ride between the lanes. Drivers may not anticipate a motorcycle riding past them. Collisions may also result from the close proximity of the vehicle and motorcycle.
  • Hazardous weather and road conditions – Like with other vehicles, motorcycles are susceptible to the weather and road conditions. Since motorcycles are lighter and less stable then other vehicles, many obstructions or hazards on the road could cause the motorcyclist to lose control.  This includes dead animals, potholes, gravel, uneven heights between the lanes, snow, ice, water, bumps in the road, etc.
  • Alcohol and/or drug influence Any driver or rider under the influence of alcohol or drugs could cause an accident since the inhibited person’s reaction, attention, vision and balance are all compromised.
  • Motorcyclist’s error An inexperienced or even an overconfident rider could misjudge something, such as the speed to take a curve, losing control of the motorcycle and resulting in an accident.
  • Fixed objects and car doors – A rider could flip over if the motorcycle collides with a fixed object or when a car door opens suddenly in the rider’s path.
  • Malfunctioning motorcycle parts – Defective parts of the motorcycle could also cause accidents, such as defective brake pads, tires, handlebars, engines and fuel tanks. The manufacturers of these parts could be liable for your injuries.

Common Serious Injuries

Injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident are often moderate to severe, if not fatal.  These injuries include:

  • Head injury – Damage to the brain could cause traumatic brain injury that may have temporary or long-lasting effects. Not only could you be physically affected, but your moods, behavior, personality, memory, speech, and vision could all be affected.  If very severe, a head injury could result in death.
  • Neck injury – Injury to the neck could result in paralysis or death.
  • Road rash – When exposed skin or skin covered in thin layers of clothing, rubs against the pavement, a rash appears. The rash could lead to skin irritations, infections, or surface nerve damage.
  • Muscle damage – Damage to the muscle in any part of your body could be permanent. Eardrums are also a muscle, which could burst and result in loss of hearing.
  • Biker’s arm – Impacted to the arm that damages the nerves in the arms could cause permanent damage to the nerves in the arm and upper body.
  • Lower and upper extremity injury – Injuries to your extremities include shattered, fractured or broken bones; severed limbs; scrapes; cuts; road rash; or severe bruising.

Safety Gear

There are some things you can do to decrease your chances of injury or the severity of injury if you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Protective clothing – Wear protective clothing such as leather garments, motorcycle boots, long pants or jeans, knee and elbow pads, gloves and jackets.
  • Earplugs

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