Damages That Can Be Recovered in an OC Dog Bite Claim

If you are like most Americans, you love dogs. They can be the perfect pets. Unfortunately, there are those dogs that aren’t the cuddle buddies we wish they were. Perhaps you have had the experience of bending down to pet a stranger’s dog only to be snapped at. Or maybe worse, the dog bit you. If you have been bitten, you have firsthand knowledge of the harm a bite can do. Orange County Dog Bite Attorney can help in an OC Dog Bite Claim.

There are many complications that can arise due to a dog bite. Any damages that are caused by a dog bite can and should be sought by the victim.

Some of the damages you can recover through an OC dog bite attorney claim are:

  • Medical bills – A dog bite can cause damage that needs the attention of a medical professional. The past, present and future medical costs relating to the dog bite injuries can be recovered.
  • Property damage – Property, such as clothing or shoes or any personal property that was ruined due to the dog attack can be recovered in your claim.
  • Lost wages – Time off of work that was due to the dog bite will result in lost wages that can be recouped in a dog bite claim.
  • Permanent disability – A dog bite can be very severe and cause permanent disability. The damages caused by being disabled can and should be sought after.
  • Emotional distress – Dealing with everything relating to the traumatic incident can be the cause a lot of emotional hardship. The monetary damages incurred from the emotional distress suffered will calculated in the claim.

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