Did a Video Camera Witness Your Anaheim Dog Bite?

Video cameras are everywhere these days in Orange County. Between security cameras, cell phone cameras, handheld recorders, and other devices, it seems as though we are recorded all the time. If you were bitten by a dog in Anaheim and suffered injuries, however, this can work in your favor. Especially if you were in a public place, there is a good chance that the dog bite incident was caught on video by:

  • Security cameras. Many public and business properties have installed surveillance cameras that may have directly or incidentally caught the dog attack on tape.
  • Cell phone cameras. Almost everyone is carrying a smartphone these days, and many are capable of capturing video. If you or the witnesses to the dog bite took pictures or video with a smartphone, this can be valuable evidence.
  • Dashboard cameras. If emergency personnel were involved, there is some chance that the incident was captured in the dashboard footage from a police or emergency vehicle.
  • Other devices. All kinds of devices include built-in cameras—even some handheld gaming systems! You or your attorney should check with witnesses to see if they may have caught the dog attack on video.

Video footage of a dog bite incident can be extremely helpful to your Orange County personal injury case. An Anaheim dog bite attorney can assist in obtaining witness statements, camera footage, and other evidence after you have been bitten by a dog in Anaheim. Please reach out to our experienced team today at (949) 851-0222 to learn more and schedule a free case review.

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