Don’t Wait Too Long! You Don’t Have to Fear Contacting an Orange County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After a motorcycle accident, many injured victims wait too long to contact an attorney and make a decision about pursuing a personal injury lawsuit settlement. As Orange County accident attorneys, we’ve occasionally been in the sad position of breaking the news to some injured victims that it is simply too late to recover compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. While it’s easy to keep putting it off, it’s important to get in contact with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident to protect your rights and find out how long you actually have to make a decision.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait after an Orange County Motorcycle Wreck

Here are the main reasons you shouldn’t wait too long after an accident to start finding out about your rights and options:

  • Time limits may apply in your case. Some motorcycle accident victims initially decide their injuries aren’t that bad but end up with more serious complications later. Unfortunately, these victims often wait until they can no longer handle the mounting expenses before attempting to pursue a claim, and it’s sometimes too late to take action.
  • Evidence can disappear if you wait too long. Documentation and evidence are key to the success of a motorcycle accident claim. If too much time passes, witnesses can disappear, injuries can heal, factors that led to the crash can vanish, and property damage can be repaired—which means you’ll probably have a much more difficult time recovering the compensation you really deserve.
  • You are more likely to do or say something that could wreck your case. Unfortunately, insurance companies will actively work to make sure they have to pay you as little as possible. The longer you wait to contact an attorney of your own, the more likely it is that you’ll end up accidently minimizing your recovery or signing away your rights.

If you need help deciding how to proceed after you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Orange County, our Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys would be happy to speak with you today in a completely free, no-obligation consultation. Please reach out to us today at 1-(949) 851-0222 for more information.

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