Dealing with Your Insurance Company after an Orange County Wreck

Although it’s important to promptly notify your own insurance company of any accident in which you are injured, it’s also still important to protect your rights when speaking with agents from any insurance company—including your own! As an Orange County accident claim attorney, I understand how confused and shaken you may be after an accident. But, when you call your insurance company from the scene, I urge you to avoid:

  • Claiming fault for the accident. An accident is a traumatic experience, and you may be tempted to claim fault for what happened—even if you did nothing wrong. Avoid blurting out statements of fault that could be used against you later.
  • Accepting any settlement offers. Although it’s normal to want to have it over with as soon as possible, don’t immediately accept any offers of compensation from your insurance company until you know what your claim might really be worth.
  • Minimizing injuries or property damage. You may want to tell your insurance agent that you’re “fine” or that “it’s not as bad as it looks,” but these kinds of statements could be used later to minimize the real extent of the injuries you sustained and reduce your compensation.

If you need help dealing with the insurance company after an Orange County wreck, please speak with an experienced Orange County accident claim attorney with Russell & Lazarus at 1-(949) 851-0222. Our team of personal injury lawyers would be happy to provide guidance on how to proceed with your California personal injury claim, and we can step in to handle all of the details for you. Let us focus on negotiating a fair settlement while you focus on recovering—reach out to us today!

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