Make Sure Your Custom Chopper Meets California Motorcycle Regulations

Custom motorcycles have been popular across the United States for decades, with millions of bike enthusiasts falling in love with choppers, motorcycles with custom parts and designs, or bikes built from scratch. However, although choppers often are original, fun, and functional works of art, some may not be legal to ride in California, and others might pose a safety risk on California roads and highways.

When customizing a motorcycle, designing your own bike, or buying a chopper, be sure you are familiar with California motorcycle laws pertaining to custom bikes:

  • Handlebar height. The height of a motorcycle handlebar cannot raise a biker’s hands more than six inches above a biker’s shoulders when he or she is sitting on the motorcycle.
  • Turn signals. Working turn signals are required for all motorized bikes under California law.
  • Passenger seat and footrest. If you are carrying a passenger, they must be on their own seat and have a separate footrest.
  • Muffler & sound level. Motorcycles in California are required to have mufflers as well as a maximum sound level of 80 DBA (if the bike was manufactured after 1985).
  • One rearview mirror. Either a left-side or a right-side rearview mirror is required by law.

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