Newport Beach Attorney Explains What Parents Should Know after a Teen Is Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

This year, as summer officially starts, thousands of teens across California will be hopping on their motorcycles to go to work, meet up with friends, and enjoy their summer vacations. Accordingly, thousands of California parents will be worrying about these young motorcyclists’ safety and dreading the possibility that something might go wrong on the road. It’s a harsh truth, but many teens are injured or killed every year in Orange County motorcycle accidents. And, unfortunately, it’s often up to the panicked parents to take the immediate steps needed to protect their child’s rights.

What Parents Need to Know after a Teen Is Injured in an Orange County Motorcycle Accident

It’s normal to feel panic and fear when you get the call that your teen has been hurt in an accident, but the actions you take immediately following a motorcycle accident can have a big impact on your ability to collect compensation for the financial strain of the accident later. Here are some simple actions you can take immediately to protect your rights:

  • Take your teen to the emergency room or your family physician. Even if your teen doesn’t have any visible injuries, a visit to the doctor can help protect his or her health and your family’s right to compensation from the negligent driver. Make sure you keep good documentation of medical visits and any medical expenses.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact a Newport Beach motorcycle accident attorney. A skilled personal injury attorney in Newport Beach can be a valuable ally after a family member is injured in an accident. We can explain your rights, help you collect evidence, and deal with the other driver’s insurance company for you. Even if you don’t ultimately hire an attorney, your first visit with us is completely free and confidential and can provide immediate guidance.
  • Get the information and evidence you need. If at all possible, try to get photographs of the accident scene, photographs of the injuries and property damage, the other driver’s name and insurance information, a copy of the police report, and contact information from witnesses. Even if you don’t ultimately end up filing a personal injury claim for your teen, it’s better to err on the side of caution because evidence can disappear quickly.

To speak with a Newport Beach motorcycle accident attorney today, please contact Russell & Lazarus at 1-(949) 851-0222. In a completely free case review, an experienced personal injury attorney in Newport Beach will ask questions about your teen’s accident, evaluate your potential case, answer your questions, explain your options, and let you know if hiring an attorney is really necessary.

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