Orange County Hotels Can Present Many Slip-and-fall Hazards

Hotels across Orange County see many guests every day, and very few of those guests really think about their safety during their stay until it’s too late. While you obviously expect a hotel to have your safety in mind during your stay, hotel guests in Orange County are often exposed to safety hazards that cause slips and falls because:

  • Hotels often see a high volume of guests. Unfortunately, high volumes of guests can mean a lot of wear, tear, and potentially overlooked hazards if the hotel does not have a good inspection policy in place.
  • Short stays mean that guests don’t always have time to check for or report small hazards. Because most guests only stay for a few nights, it’s easier to miss a small hazard that could become a real threat to safety if not attended to immediately.
  • Hotels want to save money on repairs. Just like any business, hotels are there to make money. Unfortunately, that sometimes means skimping on the repairs and inspections that keep guests safe.
  • The guest is usually present across many shift changes. Unlike other businesses, you are usually on the premises of a hotel for many hours or days and over many shift changes. If there’s a communication problem between shifts, your injury could get shuffled down the priority list.

Although not every fall on a hotel’s premises is necessarily the hotel’s responsibility, people who are injured in preventable falls caused by a hotel’s negligence deserve compensation for their injuries, including their medical expenses, pain and suffering, time away from work, and more.

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