After a Slip and Fall Accident in Orange County, Who Is Held Responsible for Your Injuries?

If you were injured because you slipped or tripped and fell on someone else’s property in Orange County, you may be left hurt and confused. Perhaps you are wondering who should be held responsible for your injuries, and whether you actually have a case against them. In cases like these, there are many parties who may be held responsible; it depends on the specifics of what happened to you, where it happened, and why.

Examples of Who May Be Held Responsible in an Orange County Slip and Fall Accident

Here are some examples of parties which could be held responsible for slip and fall injuries, depending on the details of a particular case:

  • The property owner, whether an individual or a company
  • The property manager
  • A city, state, or federal government entity
  • The people or company responsible for providing maintenance or janitorial services
  • The parent company

Unfortunately, slip and fall cases sometimes are complex and difficult to pursue on your own. In Orange County, it is up to you (and your attorney, if you choose to hire one) to prove that another party was responsible for your injuries. The specifics of your accident must meet certain conditions.

Slip & Fall (What To Prove)

If you were injured after falling on another person’s property, an Orange County personal injury attorney can conduct research to determine if there is enough evidence to prove the accident wasn’t your fault. There are 6 factors that can help you obtain a positive outcome in a personal injury case.

Orange County personal injury attorneys

Contact An Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

Because every trip and fall accident is different, our Orange County personal injury attorneys strongly encourage you to contact an experienced injury lawyer who can review the specifics of your situation and explain more about your case and your rights.

If you were injured when you slipped and fell in Orange County, don’t wait until it’s too late to get help. The Orange County personal injury attorneys with Russell & Lazarus would be happy to answer your questions and review your case in a free consultation. Just give us a call today at (949) 851-0222, or fill out the confidential online contact form on this page to learn more.

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