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The experienced Orange County personal injury lawyers of Russell & Lazarus APC

The experienced Orange County personal injury attoneys of Russell & Lazarus APC pride themselves in helping those injured in accidents. Our personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and law clerks work together to exceed clients expectations while providing uncompromising results. Read our bios and learn why our team chose this path and how they continue to educate themselves on the best way to serve their clients and their community.

Our Mission Statement

“The law firm of Russell & Lazarus provides the highest level of service exclusively to those who have been injured in accidents.

We work diligently each day offering our clients uncompromising legal assistance and support.

We continually strive to exceed the expectations of those we represent.

We commit to being a positive force in their lives and the communities in which we serve.”

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It is in your best interest to have experienced, top rated Orange County personal injury lawyers look into your situation. There may be things you have missed, and the insights our team of attorneys can give are invaluable. Also, there are statutes of limitations on your case that may run out, leaving you with nothing. We are trusted Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers that pursues fair, reasonable and solution-focused strategies on behalf of our clients. So don’t wait. Call the law office of Russell & Lazarus today for a free consultation: (949) 851-0222.