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For anyone needing a personal injury accident attorney Orange County CA is the right place to look. When you need results, you need experience like the legal professionals at Russell & Lazarus APC accident attorney Orange County.

Why You Need An Attorney

One of the primary reasons you will need an effective lawyer to handle an accident in Orange County CA is the damage amounts with respect to pain and suffering. While determining special damages in a personal injury case can usually be figured by actual financial documentation of physical damage and medical bills, as well as lost wages due to an accident, determining pain and suffering is not so easy. Some states will actually limit awards to treble damages by statute. In addition, insurance companies fight pain and suffering claims intensely and will always limit settlement offers unless they can avoid continuing medical damage claims. This is why the injured victim needs a professional legal negotiator representing their case.

Understanding Pain and Suffering Claims

Pain and suffering is a component of any personal injury claim, normally considered as general damages. While the calculation is based on physical injury and the ongoing medical prognosis associated with the disability, it is important to remember that pain and suffering are not punitive damages. Punitive damages are meant to serve as a message or punishment in cases of gross negligence. They are awarded by a jury. Pain and suffering are classified as non-economic compensatory damages awarded to the plaintiff for physical complications as the result of an accident.

Medical Documentation

Documentation is crucial when determining pain and suffering. All insurance claims adjusters will want as much documentation as they can request, and most will be negotiating against ongoing pain and suffering, along with responsibility for covering future medical expenses.

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To best understand the details of your case, it is imperative to have solid legal council like the professionals at Russell & Lazarus APC, a highly-respected accident attorney Orange County offers. Call (885) 851-2400 today.


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