Attorney Evaluation

When you first meet with your Newport Beach personal injury attorney, you will likely size him or her up. At the same time, the Newport Beach personal injury lawyer will be evaluating you. Here are some of the factors that your attorney will look for when evaluating you and your case.

Impression of the Client

The Newport Beach personal injury attorney will talk with you for a while to determine how you will likely appear to the jury. He or she will look at your appearance, demeanor and background to determine if there are any adverse qualities that may be presented to the jury.

Theories of the Case

Additionally, your attorney will evaluate the theories regarding liability. Likewise, he or she will look to whether there are any possible defenses available to each defendant or whether there will be any issues with you proving your theory of the case.

Witness Information

The Newport Beach personal injury attorney will also want to know if any witnesses saw your accident and whether their account of the event in question is consistent with your perspective. Your attorney will also want to know whether any of these witnesses may later become unavailable to testify in your case.

Other Evidence

Other documents may help to establish your case. These documents may include police reports, medical records and employment records. Certain damage information may also be helpful to your lawyer, such as educational records, tax returns, social security records and medical bills.

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