The Best Ways to Help Your Injury Case

If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit following your recent auto, truck, motorcycle or slip-and-fall accident, you may be curious as to how to put the best possible case forward, or you may even be concerned about possibly detrimental facts that could detract from the validity of your claim. As a prominent and experienced Newport Beach auto accident law firm, we can assure you that our in-staff attorneys can offer excellent advice to best help your injury case and present the facts in the most positive light. While a Newport Beach auto accident attorney can never guarantee a certain outcome, certain factors are proven to work in a plaintiff’s favor when advancing a personal injury cause of action.

Avoid Over-Sharing on Social Media

Posting your recent hiking or white water rafting pictures can be exceptionally detrimental to your case if you are claiming disability benefits and/or workers’ compensation relief. If you are too disabled to work, make sure there are no photographs or images floating around to suggest otherwise. Likewise, even the most well-intentioned social media post depicting a positive, happy event in your life can work against you to negate any claim of mental anguish or pain and suffering. If you post regularly on social media, your Newport Beach auto accident attorney will most likely advise you to take a break from your updates while your injury case is pending.

The Importance of Keeping Careful Records

Recordkeeping is absolutely vital to a personal injury lawsuit, and failure to maintain updated and adequate records of your physical or financial injuries can be devastating to your case. As you navigate your way through the immediate aftermath of your accident, surgical procedures, rehabilitation and recovery, keep careful and organized records of each invoice, explanation of benefits (EOB), co-pays, prescription costs, property repairs, psychological counseling, missed days from work and any other quantitative proof of your financial harm.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

For some, it is extremely difficult to “take it easy” for months on end following an accident and injury. However, as your Newport Beach auto accident attorney can attest, any information to suggest you are not following your recovery instructions can quickly become fodder for the defense to deny the validity or extent of your claimed damages. To avoid having to explain away your decision to forgo a certain treatment or medication, your Newport Beach auto accident attorney will undoubtedly advise you to follow the doctor’s orders precisely, which will also help you recover more quickly and permanently.

Maintain Candor and Consistency Throughout the Entire Case

If there is one thing defense attorneys love, it’s a witness who cannot keep his story straight. However, if you maintain truthfulness and consistency throughout the duration of your case, you should have no problem enduring a cross-examination by the defense. Oftentimes, plaintiffs feel compelled to exaggerate or embellish their claims in the interest of ensuring the gravity of their injury is fully understood by the judge or jury. However, your Newport Beach auto accident attorney – who is adept at eliciting direct testimony from plaintiff-witnesses – will make certain to ask you the right questions on the stand so that your story is fully revealed and all details are covered.

Cross-Examination Tips

You could be asked some very difficult questions when you are getting cross-examined. You need to be prepared to address the questions since it’s possible that your Newport Beach Auto Accident Law Firm won’t raise an objection and the judge may instruct you to give an answer. Find out how well you could handle being cross-examined by reviewing the questions listed below.

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