CA Dog Bite Prevention: The Signs of a Dangerous or Aggressive Dog

You are walking down the street or in a park when a dog approaches you from the opposite direction. How can you tell whether you can continue forward safely, or whether you may be confronted with a dangerous, aggressive, or sick animal? Luckily, dogs give off a number of signals which can help you determine whether it is safe to approach.

Be wary of a dog which shows any of these signs:

  • Curled or snarling lips
  • Bared teeth
  • Growling or snarling
  • Moving to block your path
  • Raised hair on the dog’s neck or back
  • Lunging in your direction
  • Barking at you
  • A dog which has not been neutered
  • A dog which appears to be a stray
  • A dog which is acting unpredictably
  • Frothing at the mouth
  • A dog which appears to be wounded
  • A dog which appears to be sick
  • Attempting to nip or bite you

While no single sign from the above list definitely means the dog is aggressive, multiple signs could indicate danger. If you see a dangerous dog, keep your distance and call animal control to report the incident. Avoid sudden movements, do not run away, and do not make eye contact with the dog.

If you have been attacked by a dangerous dog, the owner of the animal or the owner of the property could be responsible for your injuries and related costs. For a free dog bite case evaluation, call an experienced, knowledgeable Newport Beach dog bite attorney at Russell & Lazarus. You can reach us today by calling our office toll-free at (949) 851-0222.

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